Monday, May 07, 2007

Glory Glory Manutd


Arinie aku sangat gembira...sbb aper??? bola kegemaran aku dah dapat title premiership..chelsea seri ngan arsenal tadik..secara automatically manutd dapat title...tq arsenal for giving us the favour..hahahahahaha...TQ TQ TQ..artikel nie adalah petikan from soccernet...baca laaa...

Ferguson v Mourinho

Sir Alex Ferguson: A fantastic achievement after three seasons without the league crown. Has reinvented his side despite real competition from Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho: A disappointing season - the prospect of a domestic cup double will not make up for failure in the Premiership and Champions League. The only question is, will Roman Abramovich keep him?

Ferguson: Still loves a psychological battle and he and Mourinho have been slugging it out all season. Has a real challenger in the Chelsea boss but the old master has showed he will not allow anyone to dampen his competitive spirit.

Mourinho: The Blues manager has taken psychological warfare to a new extreme. Exploits any situation to try to gain an edge and not bothered if he crosses the line or bends the rules.

Ferguson: Tough cookie who does not suffer fools. Strong personality to the point of intimidating. Absolutely passionate despite the fact he has been there and done it so often.

Mourinho: Has lost some of the old super-cool image and at times has let the pressure get to him. Despite that, manages brilliantly to divert attention away from his players.

Ferguson: His decision to splash out big bucks on Michael Carrick was ridiculed but the midfielder has been superb, as has centre-back Nemanja Vidic. It was his original spotting of Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2003 that has made the difference this season.

Mourinho: Knows exactly who he wants and goes for them no matter what the price. Has hits and misses though: Ashley Cole and Salomon Kalou have hardly set the world alight, and the same could be said of Andriy Shevchenko - although whether he was Mourinho's signing is another matter.

Ferguson: Developed the fast, counter-attacking brand which has dominated the Premiership for a decade, and United have never played it better than they have this season.

Mourinho: His tactical and analytical brilliance took a knock this season but has developed Chelsea into a relentless machine which usually hounds the life out of opponents.

Ferguson: Will be cursing himself that he did not sign an extra striker this season. Henrik Larsson was so important during his loan spell - and United were found wanting against AC Milan without him.

Mourinho: Perhaps put too much emphasis on wanting to win the Champions League - and failure win that or the Premiership could cost him his job.

Pasnie MU akan lawan chelsea utk menghabiskan baki game yg tinggal...Title holders had been decided today..tapi game nehh cam nak memecahkan rekod chelsea yg tak pernah kalah kat tempat sendiri..pastu ujung musim neh...FA cup final MUFC akan berhadapan ngan chelsea skali nie sure klasik laa..MUFC akan bermati-matian utk dapatkan double title musim nehh...GLORY GLORY MANUTD!!!!!


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